COVID-19 : The safest mask is manufactured in Spain and this is its secret

Periods of crisis are usually the breeding ground for interesting proposals. The need to reinvent oneself, taking risks and not a few sleeplessness, has caused throughout history numerous examples of business success. And the situation generated by the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19, is further proof that in times of turbulence it is possible to take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

Something that a group of brave people in Castellón has assumed and that has resulted in the genesis of Airnatech, a company with 100% Spanish capital that works with the latest technology to offer a product that was lacking in the market.

When we went to buy masks, we found that the FFP2 protects you, but they do not let you breathe, and the hygienic ones allow you to breathe but do not protect youn. After not finding any option that met both requirements, we began to investigate with different fabrics and came to the conclusion that it could be manufactured, ”says Andrés in an interview with La Voz de Galicia.

So that, develop a type of mask with the maximum possible breathability and the highest bacterial efficacy to fight the coronavirus, is the raison d’être of a “multidisciplinary” group of six entrepreneurs who have come up with the formula to offer the safest mask on the market: Airnatech Plus.

What is the secret of this mask? For the fabric, called meltblown. It is the most expensive, but also the most effective as it promises 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency thanks to its ability to act on the membrane of bacteria and deactivate them. A milestone by which it can be considered that we are facing the hygienic mask with the most protection on the market. And it is also reusable.

Furthermore, this solution is based on a German, Japanese and Chinese technology industrial production line, which complies with all manufacturing guarantees and has the most prestigious certificates worldwide. The mask is manufactured with a FFP2 machine, that is, it is sealed against the face, and instead of five layers, it has three, but of the best fabric in the world.

Also, FFP2 masks

But Airnatech is not only avant-garde, since in addition to its star product, also offers FFP2 masks that provide filtration greater than 95% of all suspended particles, thus protecting the respiratory tract and allowing water-based gases and dusts or particles, including aerosols, to not penetrate.

Smooth sailing

Since the project started in March 2020, Airnatech has not stopped growing and It has grown from six partners to a staff of 120 people that is currently capable of producing 120,000 units per day of all its models. Although those responsible recognize that the idea is to triple production while adding new innovative solutions to their catalog.