COVID-19 : The Ministry of Universities ‘fingerprint’ its anti-Covid campaign to a former adviser to Podemos

The Ministry of Universities, headed by Manuel Castells, has hand-picked a contract to design the videos for an advertising campaign against Covid-19 in higher education centers to a former adviser to Podemos. It is an order that, as OKDIARIO reveals, is made to the company owned by Javier Iváñez López, a contracted party of the purple party in the Congress of Deputies between 2018 and 2019.

Instead of summoning a an open public contest To all types of companies in the field so that they present their respective offers, the Ministry of Universities invites only four related companies. Of which, two resign and another transfers an offer 200 euros more expensive.

The report on “awarding the minor contract of the communication campaign for the start of the 2020-2021 university course” states that the company selected by the Ministry is Eh Universo Media SL for 4,356 euros (VAT included) with an execution period of only “20 days”. It is a company whose current CEO and founder is Javier Iváñez. This is made known in his profile on LinkedIn and can be confirmed in the Commercial Registry. It is a digital publication that focuses on disseminating content mainly on Facebook. It was created in 2017 and accumulates 5.5 million followers and 2.050 million views.

In his networks, Iváñez emphasizes that he is “CEO and founder of a universe of News and Entertainment in Spanish.” It highlights that it is a project «100% Facebook, 100% video and 100% mobile». The company was founded when I lived in Paris, developed with collaborators from Guadalajara (Mexico) and is now based in Madrid.

This Alicante graduate in Journalism from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche with several master’s degrees acknowledges being the author of the Ministry’s campaign to raise awareness of the measures against Covid-19 in universities and that He was hired by Podemos in Congress. On a discretionary basis, he was chosen as an advisor in the Lower House as an expert in audiovisual content and manager of formats. “I was in charge of all the content, formats and the way of communicating political messages on social networks. He was in charge of a team of 44 people in four departments: Social Media, Video, Design and Press ».

Orgull d’equip; pride of feina ben feta 🙌

Posted by Ivànyez Javi on Thursday, October 15, 2020

Now, like a revolving door, has left politics and as a businessman has been hired by the department of Manuel Castells arbitrarily. Although the videos to convey to young people the importance of protection measures against the pandemic they could be carried out by hundreds of companies, The Government entrusts the commission to a person of its utmost confidence, insofar as he was hired by Podemos to precisely make his short-term propaganda videos (less than a minute). Also in the Ministry there are advisers – who cost half a million public euros a year – and officials who could perfectly have developed these simple videos with their own means.

The Official Gazette of the Cortes Generales collects the agreement for which he was signed. “In accordance with the provisions of the Staff Regulations of the Cortes Generales, on August 30, 2018, the president of the Congress of Deputies has seen fit appoint Mr. Javier Iváñez López, at the proposal of deputy José María Guijarro García, as temporary staff, for the position of assistant for the attention of the deputies of the Confederal Parliamentary Group of Unidos Podemos-En Comú Podem-En Marea », the text indicates.

We can speech

The result of the videos, as expected, traced to the exact point the aesthetic line that Podemos follows. The recordings highlight the good of government scholarships or “mutual support” among students, among other points. It ends with a text that could well be the electoral slogan of Podemos: “Together / Together is possible”, is very similar to the famous “Yes we can!” popularized by those of Pablo Iglesias.

Finally the message of «Ministry of Universities, Government of Spain “and the” Eh! “ the company that has carried out the campaign, something certainly strange. Normally when a company develops videos of these characteristics it does not include its brand in the final works. If the institution promoting the campaign is an official body, providing the necessary financial resources, it does not make any sense for a content platform to appropriate the message. The Podemos advisor, in this wayTake advantage of the institutional campaign to publicize your company.