COVID-19 : The Junta prepares Andalusia for “very, very hard days” although it hopes to absorb the hospital pressure

The Junta de Andalucía has assured this Saturday that days are approaching “Very, very hard” in this third wave that, according to Jesús Aguirre, Minister of Health and Families, will be “Much harder” than the previous ones. In this sense, Aguirre has trusted in the ability of Andalusian health services to have the ability to absorb “without any problem” all the healthcare pressure that will arrive in the next few days.

Together with the counselor of the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior, Elías Bendodo, Aguirre has presented the public investment projects for the improvement of care and modernization of the Virgen Macarena University Hospital, and has indicated that hospitalizations amount to 3,522, with which «we have passed the second curve», but the graph «shows an almost vertical rise, which tells us that in the next few days we do not expect this rise to decrease, but on the contrary, the healthcare pressure will continue to increase at the hospital and ICU“, Hence” we currently have hospitals in contingency plans. “

“Each hospital has a contingency plan because we have learned a lot over the course of these months and we know perfectly well when to articulate each plan according to the healthcare pressure we are having,” he said, while adding that “they are working”, but this curve «is not the first, nor is it the second, it is the third and it is and is going to be much harder. “Let’s hope we will be able to absorb without any problem all the healthcare pressure that will come to us not today, but in these coming days, which are coming very, very hard days.”

Cumulative incidence

In addition, he has indicated that when we give “such high” figures -7,757 new cases- “it means that a week after these positive figures the number of hospital admissions will increase, after a few weeks the number of ICUs will increase already a few days the number of deaths will increase». “Is very worrying that we are right now in 7,757 positives, with a cumulative incidence of 836 in Andalusia, and in the case of Almería in 1,112. Seville is the province that best behaves within the terrifying figures, with a cumulative incidence of 627 ».

“Perhaps something that we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the autonomous communities is in the occupation of ICU and beds”, with an occupation of hospital beds of 20.01% and one ICU occupancy of 27.09%“, So” we have a maneuvering pad. «We have no collapse and we know perfectly well what to do in the next pressure gradient that we have from the healthcare point of view ”, he stated.

The Health Minister recalled that “we currently have 380 municipalities, 48.4% of all municipalities are above a cumulative incidence of 500 and they are with perimeter closure, and 177 municipalities, 22.5%, are also closed perimeter without any type of economic activity that is not essential “, and has indicated that” the next evaluation will be made next Monday, will be published on Tuesday and it will be effective from Tuesday night itself, and seeing the trend of the accumulated incidence, the number of municipalities that will be affected will be more ».

Finally, and regarding the curfew, Aguirre has assured that “nobody understands, from the political and Interterritorial Council of the National Health System, that the Government has refused to change the alarm decree when we are asking for it all the CCAA, especially when we are seeing the curve of this third wave at the level of all of Spain, when we see the importance of people staying at home as much as possible possible time »

“We continue to demand that the Government, if we have the powers, give us the tools to be able to exercise it, and while I continue asking for voluntariness of all the Andalusians to what stay at home from 8:00 p.m., in order to reduce the mobility and spread of this terrible virus, “he concluded.