COVID-19 : The Generalitat intervenes in a nursing home with 150 infected with Covid in Lleida

The Ministry of Health of the Generalitat has agreed to intervene in the San Hospital de Tremp residence for the elderly, in the province of Lleida, after detecting an outbreak of coronavirus in the center that already affects 150 people. Of those infected, 120 are residents of the nursing home and 30 are workers at the center.

The Health Services Management entity will take over from the San Hospital de Tremp Foundation – Fiella Foundation in the management and direction of the geriatric center. The decision has been transferred by the Ministry through a statement this Saturday.

The new manager will provide “the necessary staffing” and will coordinate with the management of the Hospital Comarcal del Pallars to implement the action plan in the residence.

For their part, Primary Care and the Medical Emergency System will reinforce care for residents, and Health will ensure that the service activity is provided “with due guarantees and intervention measures are adopted.” The purpose of this intervention is to guarantee the technical viability of the residence “in health, social, organizational and quality management aspects in the short and medium term.”

Catalonia has registered 339,177 accumulated confirmed cases of coronavirus until this Saturday, 307,760 with a PCR test or antigen test, 1,546 more than in the count on Friday, the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat has reported through its website. The total death toll stands at 15,797, 61 more than those registered on Friday: 9,750 in hospital or social health center, 4,322 in residence, 943 at home and 782 that are not classifiable due to lack of information.

Covid outbreaks in Galician residences

The count of users of residences in Galicia suffering from covid-19 has suffered a significant drop this Friday, to 400 active cases, mainly due to the fact that a total of 58 elderly people have been discharged from the Doral Residencias de Mos center (Pontevedra) , where the most infected fall to 29.

In addition, as reflected in the daily part of the Ministry of Social Policy, with data updated this Friday, two users of the Ballesol residence in Vigo and another of the San Cibrao nursing home in Cervo (Lugo) have also been cured.

Meanwhile, the Xunta has removed from the global count 11 users who appeared as positive in the residence Nosa Señora das Virtudes de Pontedeume (La Coruña) for “a specific error in the validation process”, as they turned out to be negative. Of course, this center still has five positives.

Despite the large number of discharges of the elderly –61– registered in the last 24 hours, 13 new covid cases have been detected in the Pontevedra de Vilaboa residence, whose outbreak grows to 42 infected. An elderly man who has tested positive for DomusVi Ferrol has also been added to the list.

Thus, the Social Policy part of this Saturday reflects that the Vilalba Asylum center remains the most affected in Galicia with 117 active cases of coronavirus among its users, followed by the Vila do Conde de Gondomar geriatric center, with 89. In third place there is the Pontevedra de Vilaboa residence, with 42 positives.

Next, there are the DoralResidencias de Mos (29 most infected), San Antonio de Beariz (22), San Salvador de Guntín (22) and DomusVi Ribadumia (21) facilities. The elderly are also affected by the San Cibrao de Cervo nursing home (13), the CRAPD Vigo II (10), the Ballesol de Vigo (6), the Nosa Señora das Virtudes de Pontedeume (5) and the San Antonio de Beariz Tutelado Apartment ( 5).

In addition, there are two infected users in the Nosa Señora dos Miragres de Barbadás, in the Soremay of Pontevedra, in the Divina Pastora center in Vilagarcía de Arousa and in the CRAPD Vigo I. Finally, the following centers have one case each: the Caranza-Ferrol residence, DomusVi Ferrol, O Casón de Moeche, San José de Narón, As Fragas de Pontedeume, DomusVi Monforte, Hermanos Prieto de O Carballiño, Nosa Señora dos Anxos de Ribadavia, Nosa Señora Valvanera de Cambados, La Palmera Community House 4 de Vigo and DomusVi Vigo.

Another intervened residence in Valencia

The Ministry of Universal Health of the Valencian Community will intervene in a nursing home in the Valencian town of Benirredrá after registering an outbreak of 94 positive cases, among residents and workers, and six deaths. This has been confirmed to Europa Press by sources in this department, which is preparing the file to proceed to intervene in the center and that it is under active surveillance of health control.

Specifically, the Benirredrá senior center has added 75 positive residents, 19 infected workers and six deceased people.

In the update of the coronavirus situation on Friday, Health reported four deaths of residents in the Valencian Community, 32 infections from users and 289 from center workers. According to the balance of that day, there are positive cases in 91 residences for the elderly in the Valencian Community: four in Castellón, 26 in Alicante and 61 in Valencia.