COVID-19 : The FDA concludes that there is no transmission of covid through food or food packaging

The American Drug Agency (FDA, for its acronym in English) and the North American Department of Agriculture (USDA, for its acronym in English) have assured, after analyzing the available scientific evidence, that the coronavirus it is not transmitted to people through food or food packaging.

“Our confidence in the security of the food supply remains strong. Consumers should be assured, based on current scientific information and based on an overwhelming international scientific consensus, that it is very unlikely that the food consumed and its packaging spread the coronavirus, “said Acting USDA Secretary Kevin Shea and Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock.

At this point, both have recalled that Covid-19 is a respiratory disease that is transmitted from person to person, unlike gastrointestinal or food-borne viruses, such as norovirus and hepatitis A. Although there are relatively few reports of detection of the virus in food and packaging, most studies focus primarily on detecting the genetic fingerprint of the virus, rather than evidence of transmission of the virus to people.

‘Since the amount of virus particles that could theoretically be picked up by touching a surface is very small and the amount required for infection by oral inhalation would be very high, the chances of infection by touching the surface of packaging or eating food are extremely low», They have assured.

Furthermore, considering the millions of Covid-19 cases that have occurred worldwide, US agencies comment that no epidemiological evidence has been seen that food or its packaging is a source of transmission of the coronavirus. In fact, no case of contagion from this cause has been reported.