COVID-19 : The emotional reunion of a grandmother and her grandson almost a year later

Almost a year after the first state of alarm was decreed over the coronavirus pandemic, the progress of the vaccination campaign begins to give hope about the end of confinements and estrangement between relatives. And so it reflected Álvaro Carrillo, a 21-year-old young man from Malaga, who after a year without being able to see his grandmother, staged their meeting on the landing of his house.

The last meeting between the two was during the mass with which they honored the grandmother’s brother, Carmen Peláez, who died in full house confinement during the first wave. But They had not seen each other since mid-February, as she had been confined with the first infections in Spain. However, since then, as Carrillo comments, “Every day we talk and make video calls whenever we can.”

The increase in infections prior to Christmas was a hard blow for the family, as no member of the family met with Peláez to avoid taking risks. What’s more, Perimeter confinements have also made casual encounters difficult, since Álvaro resides in Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga) and Carmen in the provincial capital.

A visit to the dentist changed everything

But a visit to the dentist in Malaga changed everything. “My grandmother had been a little sadder for a few days and I decided to surprise her “, says Carrillo. For that reason, When the consultation was over, he went to his grandmother’s house and they spent an hour together, wearing a mask and respecting the safety distance, as the young man showed shortly after on his Twitter account.

“Tears were coming to his eyes, he really wanted to see me”Carrillo explains excitedly, hoping that the situation is reversed so that he can return to normal as soon as possible.

History has moved many people who are experiencing similar circumstances. This is precisely how the young man from Malaga has expressed it. “I wanted to show a situation that many families are going through”, concludes.