COVID-19 : The countries in Europe that have been vaccinated the most with the two doses

Despite complaints about the apparent slowness in the vaccination rate of Spain, data from the Our World in Data platform of the University of Oxford indicates that our country is in the top 3 of European territories with the highest percentage of citizens immunized with the two doses of the remedies.

In the European Union, sOnly Denmark (with 2.96% of the population vaccinated with the full schedule) and Serbia (2.67%) surpass Spain (2.35%, the equivalent of 1.1 million citizens). Two countries that started inoculation before ours are also very far away, such as United Kingdom (0.8%) and Germany (1.76%).

Other nations of our environment They are also at a considerable distance from Spain: Italy (2.14%), Portugal (1.99%) or France (1.06%). Regarding the situation in the rest of the world, Israel (31.05%) continues to lead. Far behind is the United States, which has injected the two doses to 4.49% of its population.

Vaccination rate

Regarding the vaccination rate, Spain remains in the average of the nations of the Old Continent: 0.43 citizens per 100 inhabitants they get the injection every day.

In front of our country are located UK, with a daily rate of 0.64, and Croatia, with 0.86. In Portugal the mean goes down to 0.19; in Germany is 0.14; and in France stands at 0.16. For its part, in Italy the figure drops to 0.09.