COVID-19 : The British see the end of COVID: reserves in Spain collapse

Although it still seems somewhat distant -not so much in time, if not because of the epidemiological situation-, The UK is already planning its next vacation for this summer. And it is that, after the announcement of the prime minister of the country, Boris Johnson, many have already booked their next getaway for the next few months. A search that has exploded, especially in coastal areas, requesting the good weather and the beach after so many months of quarantine.

And it is that the United Kingdom has known this Tuesday that the British government’s deconfinement plan. A plan that plans to gradually eliminate its restrictions, until the end of June with a total mobility of its citizens. Thus, many believe that in summer they will be able to go on vacation, also counting on an important advance in the vaccination of the country. An advertisement that, without a doubt, has given hope to airlines and hoteliers, who have already noticed the consequences of this de-escalation which will begin in the next few weeks.

EasyJet reports 300% more bookings

Therefore, people have not wanted to wait and the tourism sector takes a step in its revival after a year full of losses. After the British government’s plan was known, EasyJet announced this Tuesday that its flight reservations for the summer they increased by 300% more, skyrocketing their sales in just a few hours. But not only its main airline has been able to notice it: its British subsidiary, TUI, reported a 550% rise Y Jet2 bookings reached 600%.

In total numbers, the company reported in a statement that lhe general flight bookings have increased 337% compared to the previous week and 630% for holiday offers in the summer period. And, among all this fury of reservations for the summer, Spain has been one of the most chosen destinations by the British, as notified by the CEO of the company, Steve Heapy.

Three Spanish cities among the most chosen

Not surprisingly, after hardly a year of travel in the UK, its citizens bet on coastal areas in which to enjoy the good weather and a party – if by then the coronavirus pandemic allows it. Thus, Spain has always been one of the leading destinations on your holidays And, it seems this summer 2021, three cities have been the most requested: Malaga, Alicante and Palma de Mallorca.

In addition to the Spanish cities, They also rule out the island of Crete and Faro, in Portugal, being the month of August is the most chosen to travel. It is followed by July and, finally, September, according to data from the airline after reservations made. In addition, given the uncertainty of seeing how the pandemic progresses, the CEO of easyJet, Johan Lundgren, indicates that the company will offer flexibility if they have to change or cancel their flights.

Recovery opportunity for tourism in Spain

The United Kingdom is one of the main tourist sectors for Spain. Every year, millions of Britons travel to various parts of our country to enjoy the holidays, in fact, last 2019 it broke records with 18 million tourists. Very far, of course, from what last 2020 arrived: 3 million, due to the veto of the British Government on trips to Spain.

The de-escalation in The United Kingdom will begin with the reopening of schools on March 8. To continue in a descending line of the pandemic in the British country, in addition to increasing the rate of vaccination, the intention is that on June 21 the lack of definition will end. Maintaining control of the pandemic, international travel and vacations abroad could resume in late May.