Covid-19. Thanksgiving celebrations set off alarms in the US

United States, the country most affected by the pandemic in the world, has exceeded a quarter of a million deaths from covid-19 while warnings from experts about a probable worsening of the situation due to the proximity of the holiday of Thanksgiving.

“As we move into the cold season, we should really think twice about these dinners where we are not sure that the people present are healthy,” he said. Anthony Fauci, the leading epidemiologist in the fight against the US pandemic, in an interview with USA Today.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), warned that “after the festivities, unforeseen infections related to encounters in houses will begin to be seen.”

“So you have to decide … Do you want to travel and go to a Thanksgiving meal where there will be maybe 12 or 15 people?” He said, adding that his three daughters who live outside of Washington will not travel to the traditional family meal with his wife and instead will make it virtually.

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Fauci’s words come after the US It will reach a quarter of a million (250,029) deaths from covid-19 this Wednesday, while infections close to 11.5 million, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University.

The United States remains the country hardest hit by the pandemic with 18.57% of deaths worldwide and 20.47% of cases.


The big problem is the imminence of the Thanksgiving, which take place next week, and which are the busiest period in the US, with millions of people moving across the country to taste the traditional turkey with their families.

The forecasts suggest that the Americans, despite the recommendations, will continue with their travel plans, although they will do so to a lesser extent.

About 50 million Americans plan to travel this year, 10% less than last year, most of it by road, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Air travel will be cut in half on these dates, but that means that still 2.4 million people will get on a plane on these dates.

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The rebound in cases in recent weeks has prompted many states to resume restrictions to try to contain the spread of the virus.

Even in states with a Republican majority, which had been more reluctant to apply these limitations, the situation has gotten out of hand, such as North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming or Iowa.

“I love the holidays with my family. And this year we are going to postpone it. My daughters and grandchildren are not going to come to my house as we do every year and as I hoped to do this year. But it is about keeping you healthy, and keeping you except, “explained Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

Reynolds decreed the mandatory use of masks in the state and limited the opening hours of bars and restaurants.

But the virus is also expanding in urban areas where it had been kept under control in recent months.

This is the case of New York, whose mayor, Bill de Blasio, declared this Wednesday the closure “as a precaution” and as of today the city’s schools, which has the largest educational district in the United States, due to the increase in cases of covid-19.

The public educational system of New York City welcomes more than a million students, and it was the only one of the largest in the country that had opted for the reopening of schools with the beginning of the course in September.


Added to the health crisis is the unusual political blockade after the elections on November 3, which worsens the outlook.

Two weeks after the vote, US President Donald Trump still does not recognize the electoral defeat despite the consensus around the projections that give the winner to his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, and brandishes accusations of electoral “fraud” without evidence .

Biden has still not received approval for his team to work closely with the agencies it will have to oversee since January 20, the day the new Administration took office, something unheard of in recent US history.

According to the projections of the mainstream media, Biden has far exceeded the 270 votes in the Electoral College that give the keys to the White House, with 306 compared to 232 for Trump.