Almost 400 hotel employees have undergone the test

At the moment, there are no positive case results

The 2020 Formula 1 season will kick off at the Red Bull Ring with two races on July 5 and 12. In addition to the covid-19 tests that the category itself will do, tests are also being carried out on employees of the hotels where the teams will be staying. Of course, this initiative is completely voluntary, although the vast majority have agreed to go through this process.

This week the process has begun. They are quick tests. Each person goes to the test site with their vehicle, gives their personal data and a sample is taken. This procedure lasts 15 minutes per person. Companies previously divide their employees to avoid traffic jams, according to the German portal Speed ​​Week.

So far, almost 400 employees from 46 tourist accommodation have already been tested and the Spielberg Tourist Office is not yet aware of any positive results. This is undoubtedly good news just two weeks from the start of the action on track. Participation, despite the fact that the test is voluntary, has been high, as all but two accommodations have agreed to this procedure.

However, from the moment until Formula 1 leaves Austria, these tests will be done three times a week on Monday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday throughout the day.

At the moment, only hotel employees comply with this procedure, but not restaurant employees at this time. Although the Grand Prix will be behind closed doors and the teams are limited to 80 people, Spielberg takes extreme precautions so that there are no problems at the beginning of the World Cup.

It must be remembered that the Renault team has already been in Austria for a week, as it traveled to the country to do a preparation test with its RS18 in the place where the season will start.

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