PETERSBURG – Before the coronavirus, Saundra Andringa-Meuer was a woman
A healthy 61-year-old mother of six who did not smoke or drink alcohol. But
COVID-19 made her seriously ill after traveling from her Wisconsin home
to help your child move from college in Connecticut.

hospitalized in March, ending in a coma and with an artificial respirator
for 14 days. Doctors told her family that she had few
chances of survival. When she recovered, she was told she was the patient
more serious due to coronaviruses that they had seen come out ahead.

Andringa-Meuer, along with dozens of COVID-19 patients and some companies
Americans seek to sue China for the spread of the virus, which has
killed at least 75,000 people in the United States.

“I feel
they hid it from the world and from the Americans, ”he said. “I don’t feel that
We must lose the wedding or have to close the economy. Life was interrupted
of all Americans. I think we need to correct some of these
mistakes, ”said the woman.

So far, at least nine lawsuits have been filed in the United States against
China where it is alleged that the authorities did not do enough to
contain the virus from the start, they tried to hide what was happening
in Wuhan City, where the outbreak began, and they sought to hide their actions
and what they knew.

Dylan Nacass, a French surfer, was attacked off the coast of Australia in early May.

According to local media, Nacass managed to escape the attack after hitting the shark twice. The surfer is under medical treatment and has stitches and lacerations on his legs.

of the trials are potential class actions that could represent
thousands of people and companies. One was presented by the attorney general of
Missouri, which so far is the only state to have taken legal action
against China.

cases face several obstacles under the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act,
which establishes that foreign governments cannot be sued in States
United unless certain exceptions are met. And that is not easy to prove,
experts say.