COVID-19 : Spain begins to produce meltblown, the “most effective filter in the world” against COVID-19

If before the pandemic it was already taken into account the importance of self-sufficiency, The arrival of the coronavirus has highlighted how essential it is for any country, in all sectors of its economy. “We have to get used to manufacturing by ourselves”, so he has highlighted it Alberto Miralles, in a talk with the Innovaspain medium. “Spain has always depended too much on the Asian offer ”, adds the expert, a situation to which he wants to put an end to his company.

This Spaniard is deputy director of Iberian Nonwovens, a specialized company that handles the production and supply of nonwovens. Among its products, meltblown, considered the most effective filter material in the world to fight COVID.-19. In fact, it is the only material suitable for the manufacture of the filtering layer of the FFP2 and FFP3 masks, with the necessary guarantees for its use and effectiveness.

The goal: 1.5 billion masks a year

As head of the Neolite division, Miralles works with the goal of manufacturing in honor of 1,500 million masks annually, Therefore, Spain would have in its favor a whole supply chain for a product that, since last year, has become indispensable – and mandatory use – in our daily lives. “We stand as a quality option for all mask manufacturers ”, explains, being the first company in Spain -with its headquarters in Alicante-, to have a Reifenhäuser Reicofil line in width of 320 cm. A product supplied by the leading German manufacturer in the production of this type of machinery worldwide.

“The Spanish industry has to respond to the obvious needs that this pandemic leaves us. We cannot afford the luxury of going through a new drought of basic products for our health, “says Miralles. Therefore, they have opted for the meltblown after an installation that has lasted four months. This filter material is composed of nanofibers and It has a Particle Filtration Efficiency (PEF) of 99% for particles less than 0.3 microns, no quality fluctuations for toilets. That is, it is considered as the most efficient filter in the world to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Increase in your staff to deal with production

With a clear increase in its production, and unlike many companies in the country in the same sector, Nonwovens Ibérica has not fired anyone from its staff. In fact, currently has increased its workforce by 30%, with up to 65 workers in its company. “The situation requires effort, but not to cut back, quite the opposite. We need many hands and many professionals to face the pandemic,” adds the Spanish.

Despite being very happy after adding meltblown to their offer, they are aware that you have a lot to improve and that the company is in a “continuous learning” to offer the best filtration for masks. “We must continue researching and innovating so that masks are 100% safe, we must not settle for even 99%. Right now there are many types of masks, even designer ones, but it is a product that needs to be paid close attention, “concludes Miralles.