COVID-19 : Sánchez says that Spain will have 120 million doses of vaccines against Covid in the first half of 2021

President Pedro Sánchez announced this Sunday that Spain will have at its disposal 10% of the 1,200 million vaccines against Covid-19 that the European Union has contracted with five different companies.

In the press conference offered during the second day of the G20 Summit, Sánchez pointed out that Spain will be, together with Germany, the first EU country to have a vaccination plan, which will be approved next Tuesday in the Council of Ministers.

As he has advanced, the objective of the Government is that practically the entire population can be vaccinated during the first half of 2021, in one of the 13,000 vaccination points that will be available throughout Spain. For this, the Government will have 120 million doses and also relies on the work of researchers to obtain a vaccine with a Spanish patent in the medium term.

The President of the Government has highlighted that the state of alarm decreed a month ago and the “co-governance is working”, as shown by the fact that the number of infections has decreased during the last two weeks. If then the cumulative incidence was 530 cases for every 120,000 inhabitants in the last two weeks, now this figure has fallen below 400.

Although he has assured that Spain “is on the right path to bend the curve”, has assumed that it is still far from the goal set by the World Health Organization (WHO), which stands at a cumulative incidence of 25 cases per 120,000 inhabitants.

The “six-month time horizon” with which the state of alarm was decreed, Sánchez stressed, is “the period recommended by experts and scientists.” It was approved for «save lives by preventing the collapse of hospitals»Acting on three pillars: creating common indicators for all the autonomous communities under the common legal framework of the state of alarm, promoting common and specific actions according to the situation of each region, and carrying out a weekly joint evaluation in the Interterritorial Council of Health. This is what the government’s action and responsibility in the face of the pandemic boils down to, according to Pedro Sánchez.