COVID-19 : Pfizer / BioNTech Presents New Data to Show Their Covid-19 Vaccine Can Be Stored at Warmer Temperatures

Allergic reactions to these vaccines are low, according to the CDC 2:20

. – Pfizer-BioNTech says it has submitted new data to the US Food and Drug Administration to show that its COVID-19 vaccine can be stored at warmer temperatures.

In a press release on Friday, Pfizer said this new data shows that its vaccine can be stable when stored between -25 degrees Celsius and -15 degrees Celsius for two weeks, the temperature of most common refrigerators and freezers.

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Currently, the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine label says that it should be stored in ultra-cold freezers between -80 degrees Celsius and -60 degrees Celsius for up to six months, or it can be stored at normal refrigeration temperatures (2 degrees Celsius to -60 degrees Celsius). 8 degrees centigrade for up to five days, before mixing with a saline diluent.

This data presentation is made in the hope that the company’s emergency clearance will be updated to include these warmer storage options.

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“We appreciate our continued collaboration with the FDA and CDC as we work to ensure that our vaccine can be shipped and stored under increasingly flexible conditions. If approved, this new storage option would offer pharmacies and vaccination centers greater flexibility in how they manage their vaccine supply, “said Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla in the company statement.