COVID-19 : Pedro Sánchez advances part of the vaccination plan for Spain

Pedro Sanchez, President of the goverment, appeared before the media to communicate the conclusions after the G20 summit. He began by highlighting the consensual agreement reached after this appointment.

“We live in times when the consensus of the multilateral system has been questioned by reactionary populism. It is important that this meeting has reached a consensus statement. The Government has defended the main concerns of the Spanish: fight the pandemic, face the health emergency, guarantee universal access to the vaccine and a recovery that makes us stronger and more resilient. “

Regarding the next arrival of the vaccine, he stressed that “G20 leaders have highlighted their strong will to do whatever it takes to ensure universal access to COVID-19 treatments and vaccines. The Government of Spain is convinced that no one will be totally safe until everyone is safe. “

Vaccination plan in Spain

The Spanish leader advanced some master lines of the vaccination plan that will be developed in Spain: The European Union has already signed five contracts for 1,200 million doses expandable. To Spain they will correspond 10% of doses by the percentage of the population. Together with Germany, our country will be the first EU country to have a complete vaccination plan against COVID-19, which It will be presented next Tuesday in the Council of Ministers. “

“A very substantial part of the population can be vaccinated with all the guarantees in the first semester of the year. The campaign will be launched in January and will have 13,000 vaccination points. We are prepared to achieve the goal. There will be a single vaccination strategy for the whole country “he explained.

Climate change

Sanchez too underscored the importance of the pact reached in relation to climate change: “The G20 has been able to agree on an ambitious text on one of the main emergencies that humanity has that is climate change. It has done so unanimously without any member country de-marking for the first time since 2016. “

Trade agreement

Likewise, stressed the importance of China having ratified the agreements: “This is the first time that such an important agreement is endorsed by one of the main creditors, which is China, so its relevance goes beyond the relief that these accounts need. I would like highlight the agreed text on trade. It points to a future, more equitable multilateral trading system. There are sectors such as agribusiness in our country that have suffered the negative consequences due to trade tensions in recent years. “

“The main conclusion, in such a difficult year, is that this important Summit conveys a message of certainty to world public opinion on the commitment of all the world’s economies to a economic recovery that has to be strong, inclusive and sustainable. Despite the pandemic and the complicated international context, we have managed not to back down in any important aspect. ”

In addition, he was optimistic: “Looking ahead I think A great opportunity opens for our country with the presidency of the G20 of Italy and with the new American administration for lachieve even more ambitious consensus. “

The alarm state

The mandatary stressed the good functioning of the alarm state: “Just four weeks the Government decreed the state of alarm again throughout the country for six months with the aim of saving lives by preventing the collapse of hospitals. Four weeks later we can safely say that the state of alarm and co-governance are working. Spain has been progressively reducing the incidence of the virus for two weeks. And I want to announce that tomorrow we will be after many efforts in a cumulative incidence below 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days. This is still a very high incidence, but this reduction indicates that the downward trend is consistent. “

“We are on the right track to bend the curve, fulfilling the objective that we had set ourselves a cumulative incidence of 25 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, but it is true that we are still far from him and we cannot lower our guard, “added Sánchez.