COVID-19 : Paulina Rubio, on the brink of bankruptcy

Paulina Rubio You are at a very difficult time in your life. 2020 became a very bad year for his professional career, because due to the coronavirus pandemic he could not give concerts.

But music is not the only open front that the artist has, as, as reported by the journalist Graciela Mori, who is a correspondent for the program ‘Selling’, Paulina has a debt of 117,120.87 dollars (about 96,340 euros) as of January 2021.

This debt to the Public estate of U.S comes in concept of annual taxes for his Miami mansion (Florida), and it can increase as time goes by, increasing a thousand euros each month.

The mansion has been increasing in value

The newspaper ABC has had access to some records of the Miami Court, where it appears that the singer acquired land in 1995 at a price of $ 520,000, where he later built his house, called Ananda, and which was designed by his former partner, Ricardo Bofill.

Construction began on the home in 1999, and as the years have passed, annual property taxes have increased. Since the $ 51,000 (41,000 euros) paid in 2013, to the 119,751 dollars (98,000 euros) that he transferred in 2019.

It is the house most loved by Paulina Rubio, and since 2017 it has been listed as property of the society in which the singer was the manager, Blonde Studios Music and Art LLC. Although according to the relevant documentation, the company is inactive since April 2019, and in September 2020 was dissolved for not paying annual taxes.

Located in one of the most exclusive areas of Miami Beach, in Di Lido, the house is currently worth almost 7 million dollars, rubbing shoulders with celebrities from any field and around the world. The mansion has four bedrooms and four bathrooms in its 1,153 square feet, and has exclusive access to the jetty on the bay.

In addition to his home, in November he was reported by the company American express -of credit cards- for another debt, this being 24,500 dollars (20,000 euros). In addition, you have other debts with the lawyers you have hired to help you in your claims against Nicolás Vallejo Nágera, the father of his child.

Several options

The singer now has several options to carry out. The first one would consist of mortgage your house to get more cash, although you should have income to pay the mortgage. The second option is file for total bankruptcy, although it seems to be the least viable alternative.