The health authorities in France considered the situation in Guyana “worrying”, where COVID-19 “actively circulates”

France announced this Monday a further decline of the number of sick coronavirus entered in intensive care, while noting that it will strengthen surveillance in Guianawhere the virus circulates from intense form.

Health authorities indicated that 9,693 patients affected by the COVID-19 are hospitalized in the country, of which 701 are in intensive care, 26 less than last Friday.

In the last 24 hours, 142 new people have been admitted for this disease, authorities said, noting that cases continue to be concentrated mainly in the north, east and Paris region, the areas most affected since the beginning of the pandemic.

In the overseas territories, 201 new ones were registered hospital admissionsof them 33 in intensive care.

The General Directorate of Health considered the situation “worrying” in Guiana, where “the virus actively circulates”In the coastal area and in all cities.

Contagion levels exceed the alert barrier, which has led health authorities to strengthen surveillance, with the dispatch of a mission of three professionals to coordinate the response with local services.

In addition, mask deliveries will be made and the movements in areas where the virus circulates more actively, with the decree even of curfews, restriction of business hours or the confinement of the population in certain areas.

In addition, evacuations of patients to the Antilles are being organized to unblock the services of intensive care from Guyana.

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