The coronavirus patient could not bear the isolation. He bit a nurse’s face to escape

By: Web Writing

A patient who tested positive for Covid-19 hit a nurse and bit her in the face to try to escape quarantine at a Canton province hospital in China.

Okonkwonwoye Chika Patrick, a 47-year-old Nigerian citizen, who arrived in the Asian country on March 20. After confirming that he was infected with coronavirus, was referred to a hospital for treatment.

However, Chika Patrick refused to undergo medical examinations and attempted to escape from the isolation room.

A nurse tried to thwart her escape and that’s when the patient he pushed the woman to the ground, then hit her in the face and bite her.

The nurse suffered injuries to her face, neck, and waist.

For his part, the aggressor recovers from the disease in the medical center under police surveillance.