COVID-19 pandemic amplified problems in Latin America, Pope Francis says

Pope Francis insisted that “the pandemic has revealed the best and the worst” of people and peoples; reiterated the call to take care of yourself and others

Pope Francis affirmed today that the pandemic of coronavirus it has amplified “the problems and socio-economic injustices that already seriously affected Latin America” ​​and has asked the political class and society to avoid confrontation and remember the miscegenation that unites these peoples.

In a virtual seminar that will be held this Thursday and tomorrow under the title “Latin America: Church, Pope Francis and the scenarios of the pandemic” Francis pointed out that COVID-19 “amplified and further evidenced” those problems and injustices and added that they affect “more harshly the most poor“.

This forum is promoted by the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and the Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM) and aims to reflect and analyze the situation of the pandemic in Latin America, its consequences and possible lines of action and solidarity aid.

The Pope has pointed out that, “in the face of inequalities and discrimination, which increase social gapAdded to this are the difficult conditions in which the sick find themselves, and many families who are going through times of uncertainty and suffer situations of social injustice ”.

He criticized that “not everyone has the necessary resources to carry out the minimum protection measures ”against the coronavirus, such as a“ safe roof where we can comply with social distancing, water, sanitary resources to sanitize and disinfect the environments, stable work that guarantees access to benefits, to name the most essential ”.

In this context, Francisco asked politicians to guide “the lSame differences in the search for viable solutions“For the peoples, bet on dialogue and put aside the confrontation and the” discrediting of the other. “

“Faced with these great challenges, let us ask the (Virgin) Guadalupana that our Latin American land does not get out of hand, that is, that it does not lose the memory of its mother. May the crisis, far from separating us, help us to recover and value the consciousness of that common miscegenation that unites us and makes us children of the same Father. Once again it will do us good to remember that unity is superior to conflict, ”he said.

He insisted that “the pandemic has shown the best and the worst”Of people and peoples and that is why“ now, more than ever, it is necessary to regain consciousness ”of common belonging.

“The virus reminds us that the best way to take care of ourselves is by learning to care for and protect those who are close to us: neighborhood awareness, town awareness, region awareness, common home awareness ”, he argued.

He also said that in addition to the pandemic “there are other social unrest —The lack of a roof, the lack of land and the lack of work, the famous three ‘T’s— that require a generous response and immediate attention ”.

Finally, he mentioned the need to take care of the environment and said that many people “in addition to suffering the onslaught of the pandemic, see with sadness that the ecosystem around their environment is in serious danger from forest fires that destroy extensive areas such as the Pantanal, the Amazon, which are the lung of Latin America and the world ”.

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