The director of the University Hospital of New LionEdelmiro Pérez Rodríguez confirmed this Saturday that they had an outbreak of COVID-19 in one of the floors of the hospital, which so far has left 26 infections.

According to the public official, the origin of the outbreak was an area not related to COVID-19, since Internal medicine patients are allowed to receive visits from their relatives and one of them was infected.

“The day before yesterday an internal medicine patient who receives visits because it is a non-COVID area, his family member tested positive for COVID and later the patient developed a fever and we detected COVID.”

Faced with this scenario, he said, “We sampled all asymptomatic or symptomatic personnel in the internal medicine area and detected 23 positive people among nurses, residents, doctors and secretary, all those personnel had to isolate themselves from the institution for proper management.”

Moments later, the director of the hospital specified that the number of infections is 26.

Pérez Rodríguez assured that this was the second time that something similar had happened since in previous weeks “a patient from an asylum who came in due to a hip fracture leaked. The patient arrived asymptomatic, no symptoms of COVID, it just made a fever spike, we did PCR, it came out positive and we took it to the COVID area. “

However, on that occasion there were no infected people, unlike today’s report on Saturday.

In these cases the director of the HU reported that visits to the hospital will no longer be face-to-face, and family members will now receive information through a video call to avoid hospitalized patients being at risk of being infected with COVID-19 and another outbreak to recur.

The Secretary of Health, Manuel de la O Cavazos, assured that the Government of Nuevo León will support the University Hospital with all the necessary resources.