COVID-19 : OPINION | In spite of everything, we continue to “love” each other and take care of ourselves! And this is good…

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(CNN Spanish) – It is a very interesting phenomenon to note that despite all the challenges and problems that the coronavirus has brought to our lives -including that we have to wear masks daily- the vital instinct to take care of our bodies remains alive. Something very positive amid the chaos!

And especially taking care of our skin – now that we use less makeup, because we go out less – is a reality that many face. Don’t you think?

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Wearing masks has created in many so-called “maskne” in English – a kind of acne caused by moisture, lack of exposure, allergies, oil residues and even some bacteria. Hence – with a smartphone and time to check internet sales – we have bought a large number of beauty products in 2020.

For example, although makeup sales were hit like many sectors by the economic crisis that brought on the pandemic, people focused more on skin care.

I see this as a good reaction (small as it may be) after more than a year in which our lifestyle changed and was revolutionized from head to toe. “Loving each other” and trying to maintain a neat and well-cared image is a sign of excellent balance and survival. Sign of having regained discipline.

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I love this idea and it lifts my spirits immensely – and it’s all my heavy drinking tendency needed. And I tell you that I have personally bought more creams and lotions than ever online, I have “revived” my almost forgotten beauty routine – and I have found that “loving” and taking care of myself is a delightful and exuberant feeling of well-being and I will continue in this way 2021 with more optimism and at least a renewed skin!