COVID-19 : OPINION | Hamilton relaxes … and messes it up

In these months of pandemic we have learned, out of necessity, that prudence and respect of proper habits reveal how the best protection against contagions of COVID-19. When relaxation comes, the risks increase. An evidence that has just been confirmed again with Lewis Hamilton, positive in his last routine test of Formula 1 and, therefore, out of the next grand prix in Bahrain and possibly the one that closes the season in Abu Dhabi. Fortunately for your ambitions, had finished his seventh world title in the previous round of Turkey, but the return to his daily life put him in contact with an infected person and took the coronavirus to Shakir. On paper everything should stay in an anecdote for him, unpleasant in any case, although the thing could have been much more serious for his interests.

Beyond sporting significance the matter, Hamilton’s discharge should be exemplary, like so many other athletes who have seen themselves in similar positions. The Briton has remained away from the virus during these months, aware that a stumble about it would cost you a season for sure otherwise impeccable. Once you’ve reached your goal maybe your perception of risk changed and now he has to pay the consequences. Less serious, I insist, than they could be, but that does not mean that it ceases to be a major disorder for his team and for him. I’m not talking about recklessness I’d bet it hasn’t existed, just a relief in the strictest measures and we already see that COVID-19 attacks without regard. We know it’s about an invisible enemyForgetting it takes us all away from that normality that we long for and need so much.