COVID-19 : No, we are not prepared for everything that is happening

No, we are not prepared for everything that is happening. Perimeter closures, confinements of localities, increasingly worse data, figures that do not improve, ice, snow, rain … winter affects people a lot but as the year has started throughout the country, it is being a complex moment for many people.

¿What will happen if there is a closure for weeks? “We have already gone through an unexpected and unprecedented home confinement that lasted for two months last March. Based on that experience, any decision to return to a similar measure should cost us less effort. We know the changes that confinement at home it would mean for our routines, the resignations that we would have to make and the changes to adapt ourselves again “, says the psychologist Pilar Conde of Origin Clinics.

Try to see the bright side of everything

“This positive point of view, from The learning, is the staff on which to lean to face the anxiety that the Covid19 pandemic continues to produce “. But, in addition, we know that we will have basic needs covered, such as:

Food needs, without any supply problems. Connectivity systems, internet and mobile telephony have never failed. We have learned technology to be close to our loved ones. We have adapted our way of making a living through teleworking formulas. Leisure is also different, there is another way to have fun with leisure tools at home.

But, the key was in the end date. “We knew that the situation was temporary, that it would have an end and that we would return to normality. It is at this point where the balance could tip towards no, that is, to a negative answer about whether we are prepared for a second confinement,” he adds .

Pandemic fatigue affects us all

United Nations has named pandemic fatigue to the state of mental fatigue, apathy, apathy and a certain sadness when we see that the virus continues among us, that it continues to be a threat and that, therefore, conditions our lives.

“We are affected, above all, by two aspects: the fear of own contagion and that of our loved ones, and the insecurity and uncertainty derived from constant changes in regulations. The possibility of losing your job or seeing reduced working conditions is also one of the origins of this fatigue associated with the pandemic. “

Find your space

Conde recommends “safeguarding the home of information overabundance and dedicate the necessary time to the news, programming until schedules. Very important, focus on the day to day, in the present situation and put the focus on what we can control “, your bubble.

“This way, and organizing our routinesWe will not only help ourselves, but also the people around us. With them there will be, if the confinement returns, to organize games, joint activities and try to maintain, he warns, a positive language within the home, “he encourages us. We did it once, we can do it again.