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We bring you the summary of the most relevant:

Covid-19 news

Monday April 5

They accuse “montage” in empty vaccination of the elderly

The president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, considered that the vaccination described as false in social networks to an elderly adult in Mexico City could be a “set-up.” In his morning press conference, the president asked that the case be investigated and recalled that the IMSS has already withdrawn the volunteer nurse from vaccination against Covid-19 for older adults. Over the weekend, a video was made viral in which a volunteer nurse is observed pretending to inject an elderly adult in a vaccination center located in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office, in the country’s capital.

They find the worrying variant ‘Eek’ in most cases in Tokyo hospital

About 70% of coronavirus patients tested at a Tokyo hospital last month carried a mutation known to reduce the protection of vaccines, Japanese public broadcaster NHK reported Sunday. The E484K mutation, nicknamed ‘Eek’ by some scientists, was detected in 10 of the 14 people who tested positive at Tokyo Medical and Dental University Medical Hospital in March, according to the report. (Reuters)

The ventilator for patients with covid-19 shows its effectiveness and reduces costs

The ventilator that scientists and technologists from several countries managed to design and manufacture for patients with Covid-19 has managed not only to demonstrate its effectiveness, but also to considerably reduce its cost and release the license so that any country can manufacture its own units. quickly and easily. The work to achieve an effective ventilator for patients with Covid-19 began at Princeton University (United States) and at the Gran Sasso Institute of Sciences (Italy), and the research was joined by the Center for Energy, Environmental and Environmental Research. Technological (CIEMAT) Spanish and several universities and hospitals in Aragon, Valencia and Madrid. (EFE)