COVID-19 : New York backs down and reopens schools despite COVID-19

After receiving criticism for sending students home while shops were open, New York presented a plan to reopen schools

The city of New York, which less than two weeks ago closed its public schools due to the increase in cases of coronavirus, announced this Sunday that it will reopen the primary centers from December 7.

After receiving harsh criticism for sending students home while shops or restaurants were kept open, the New York City Council backed down and presented a new plan so that teaching can return to part of the schools.

From December 7th, they will be able to return at face-to-face classes students in the preschool through fifth grade of primary school, while those in higher grades will continue with remote lessons.

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Children with severe disabilities will also return to schools as of December 10, the mayor announced at a press conference, Bill de Blasio.

New York had set strict criteria over the summer, which called for the closure of public centers and the transfer of all students to remote programs if the positive test rate in the city as a whole reached 3 percent, a figure less than the one decided for the rest of the state.

Thus, when coronavirus cases began to rebound this month, it closed schools, despite the fact that the number of positives in schools was very low.

De Blasio said this Sunday that he felt “very bad for the children and parents”, but that the City Council considered that it had to fulfill its commitments, measures that it had negotiated for a long time with the teachers’ unions after they threatened to to go on strike.

The plan of reopening will require that students who return to the classroom undergo weekly COVID-19 testing andUnlike what has happened so far, it will allow children to go to school five days a week.

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This will practically put an end to the “hybrid” model that New York had implemented, in which students attended the center two or three days a week and the rest followed the lessons by videoconference, in an attempt to reduce the number of people present at all times in the buildings.

According to De Blasio, this new model is based on the “experience” acquired in recent months and will be the one that will be maintained until there is a vaccine that allows a certain return to normal.

For now, only students who had registered for face-to-face teaching will be able to return to classes, while those who had opted for remote classes will continue that way.

The City Council estimates that up to 335,000 students can go back to school, just under a third of the total of those who were enrolled last year in the city’s public system, which is the largest in the United States and one of the largest in the United States. few among the large cities of the country that had opted for classroom teaching.

United States this Sunday surpassed the figure of 265 thousand deaths due to COVID-19 and already exceeded 13 million infections, at the same time the authorities warned of a rebound in cases in the coming days after the Thanksgiving holidays.

The balance at 11:00 a.m. local time is 13.2 million cases and 266,119 deaths, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University.

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