COVID-19 : New restrictions in Madrid: which health zones are confined as of Monday, February 22?

New surgical measures in Madrid. The regional government continues to act where it identifies a greater transmission of the coronavirus. Despite the decreasing trend in cases of the last two weeks, The Community has announced this Friday perimeter confinements in those basic health areas (ZBS) and localities that exceed 500 in accumulated incidence at 14 days They also have a growing dynamic and community transmission has been observed in these areas.

Thus, after the new update, As of this Monday, February 22, there will be 25 basic health areas and 8 municipalities that will suffer mobility limitations, after announcing that as of Monday there will be two sanitary areas that will enter perimeter confinement and 31 ZBS and 7 localities that will end the restrictions.

The new basic health zones and municipalities with perimeter confinement as of Monday they are the following:

New basic health zones and confined localities

Vinateros-Torito basic health area (Moratalaz district) Villanueva del Pardillo

The mobility restrictions in these territories will last for 14 days until Monday, March 8 and it will be after those two weeks when the Ministry of Health will decide whether to extend the limitations or lift them by virtue of epidemiological evolution. The perimeter closure implies that it will not be possible to enter or leave the confined territory except in the exceptions provided such as going to work, going to a health or educational center or assisting an elderly or especially vulnerable person, among other reasons.

Also, in addition to the new confined areas, the Community of Madrid has extended one more week (until March 1) the perimeter closure in those basic health areas and municipalities where there has not been a sufficient improvement that advises lifting the restrictions. They are as follows:

Basic areas and municipalities that extend their confinement until Monday, March 1

In the city of Madrid:
Andrés Mellado (Chamberí) Aravaca (Moncloa-Aravaca) Jazmín (Linear City) General Oráa y Montesa (Salamanca)
In other municipalities:
Getafe Norte (Getafe) All the ZBS of Alcobendas Becerril de la Sierra All the ZBS of Collado Villalba Hoyo de Manzanares Villaconejos Improved Navacerrada Field All the ZBS of San Sebastián de los Reyes All the ZBS of Torrejón de Ardoz Brunete Griñón Moralzarzal El Álamo

By last, Madrid will deconfine those areas and municipalities where there has been a drop in contagion as of Monday and therefore the perimeter confinement decreed has taken effect. The liberated zones are the following:

Basic health zones and unconfined localities

In the city of Madrid:
General Moscardó (Tetuán) Alpes y Rejas (San Blas-Canillejas) Pozo de Tío Raimundo (Puente de Vallecas)
In other municipalities:
La Ribota, Ramón y Cajal and Doctor Trueta (Alcorcón). The Cities (Getafe) Cercedilla Ciempozuelos All the ZBS of Colmenar Viejo All the ZBS of Fuenlabrada Camarma de Esteruelas Estremera Los Molinos All the ZBS of Rivas-Vaciamadrid All the ZBS of Alcalá de Henares San Martín de la Vega Chinchón

Curfew delay

In addition to the surgical restrictions applied in the most affected basic health areas, Madrid also decrees general measures for the region as a whole in order to stop the transmission of the coronavirus throughout the region. Thus, from this Thursday there are new measures in Madrid. Given the good evolution of the contagion curve, the Community delayed the curfew until 11 p.m., after it was set at 10 p.m. for more than three weeks. The measure will apply until next March 1 and when the day comes it will be reviewed.

Closing hours and restrictions in the hospitality industry

Thus, at this time the curfew in Madrid is in force from 11 at night to 6 in the morning, it is not possible to leave the home except in planned situations such as going to work, going to a medical center or any other situation cannot be postponed. The delay of the curfew has also led to the fact that from this Thursday the hotel business can also close at 23:00, with the condition of They cannot admit new clients after 22:00.

In addition to closing hours, there are other restrictions on the hospitality industry, such as that they cannot sit inside at a table with more than four people (six on the terrace), the bar service is suspended, the capacity is limited to 50% and clients can only remove the mask at the precise moment of food or drink intake.

Meetings of non-domestic partners in homes

By last, At this time, the Community of Madrid does not allow meetings of non-cohabitants in private homes. These will continue to be prohibited until at least March 1, when Health will review the situation. Of course, there are seven exceptions in which people who do not live together can get together in a home.