COVID-19 : MOUNTAINING | Juanito Oiarzabal is already at home after overcoming COVID

Juanito Oiarzabal is already at home after spending a few days in the hospital due to the coronavirus. “I am finally at home after 20 days of illness (8 were spent at home and then 12 hospitalized). I have been in a rather critical situation. At the beginning I was at home for a week having a really bad time and I went to the Txagorritxu hospital As I had two strokes a few years ago at Dhaulagiri and things got complicated. It has been days of hospitalization, paying attention to everything that the doctors and nurses told me. Today is one of the happiest days of my life and as of Saturday I will be able to do activity. All the Txagorritxu staff have behaved with me in an extraordinary way. There is no bad grimace or a bad answer. From here I want to thank everyone for the attention they have had with me. I have also had infinite expressions of support. For everyone, a big hug “, he commented.

Oiarzabal is 64 years old and was part of the risk group having suffered two pulmonary edema in 2016. In fact, a month ago he announced that he will not go back to eight thousand because “from 7,000 meters I notice that I am no longer me, that I have problems breathing well. What I am going to do from now on is dedicate myself to taking people to the mountain as a guide and to enjoy it at a particular level. I have been told to stay at home until Friday but to do normal activity as of Saturday. I want to go back to the mountain, take a walk and enjoy nature”. The Alava mountaineer is also immersed in the recording of a documentary about his life that involves trips to Pakistan, Nepal and Argentina. The first of them already did it last December.

“I don’t like what is happening now with the eight thousand, they no longer resemble the ones I knew a few years ago. There are too many trade expeditions pounding the mountains. I think we have to look for challenges in other places with fewer crowds, “he said. Currently, Oiarzabal offers to guide people in the Pyrenees, Alps, Andes, Pamir, Kilimanjaro and Himalaya. For example, he has announced that he will go to Everest among the On April 27 and May 22 along the Three Hills route: Renjo La (5,360 mts), Cho La (5,368 mts) and Kongma La (5,535 mts). The trek includes the ascent to Island Peak (6,189 mts), An elevation that is usually climbed by expeditions to acclimatize the nearby eight thousand: Everest, Lhotse or Cho Oyu.