COVID-19 May Cause Erectile Dysfunction, Study Finds

The aftermath of the coronavirus (COVID-19) points beyond the respiratory system. According to scientists, this pathogen could also be the cause of erectile dysfunction.

« Erectile dysfunction is a probable consequence of COVID-19 for survivors, and considering the high transmissibility of the infection and the higher rates of contagion among older men, a worrying phenomenon for many of the affected patients, » the authors note. from a study published in July in the Journal of Endocrinology Research.

The researchers conducted a literature search on the possible mechanisms involved in the development of erectile dysfunction in survivors of COVID-19.

They found that cardiovascular and pulmonary alterations and even psychological distress contribute to the possible appearance of erectile dysfunction. « COVID-19 could aggravate cardiovascular conditions, thus further increasing the risk of erectile dysfunction, » they noted.

« Testicular function in patients with COVID-19 requires careful investigation into the unclear association with testosterone deficiency and the potential consequences for reproductive health, » the scientists conclude.

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