COVID-19 : Margarita del Val’s advice about getting tested before Christmas

One of the most authoritative voices of our country to talk about the coronavirus is Margarita del Val, virologist and immunologist at the CSIC. Granted an interview Saturday to the program The Sixth Night and in the same analyzed the current situation surrounding the pandemic.

According to the possibility that the vaccine could generate years of immunity, Del Val stated that wait time to know more details about it. It was also questioned by upcoming Christmas dates and the possibility of performing an antigen test prior to family reunions.

“If they haven’t made the trip in summer, I believe that the moment is not to do it in the worst winter, which is when there is the greatest risk of contracting any respiratory disease. The interiors are much more problematic than the exteriors, the risk is about ten times higher if they are not well ventilated. And our buildings are not prepared to be well ventilated. Unless you are with the windows open or the Christmas meal is made outside “, he stressed.

Antigen test

About the diagnostic testsDel Val launched a warning: “People who decide to take a test must be reminded of a very important thing. The test, the moment it is done, if it is negative and it is an antigen test, that they give it to you at the moment, well we can tell perhaps with a few hours in which it will not be contagious. But this is going quickly, we just have to remember the case of the White House. Were made test every morning and the person who raised the alarm is because they had symptoms that afternoon and she was the one who isolated herself on the plane back from a campaign rally. I mean, in a matter of hours, what is a negative can even turn into symptoms. “

“Thus, a negative is worth at most in the following hours to which one has taken the sample. PCR, which takes many hours to collect the sample, is not even good for that. What is valid about these tests is when one is positive, but the negative is valid for very little. So be very careful with trusting that I take a test at the beginning of Christmas And now I’m going to party every Christmas with everyone, with the whole family, with grandparents, with the vulnerable, because I’m clean. No. Be very careful with that, huh? “warned the expert.