COVID-19 : Margarita del Val predicts when the fourth wave of coronavirus will arrive in Spain

Submerged in the third wave of Covid-19 in the country, with lower infection data than a few weeks ago, the virologist Margarita del Val predicts when the fourth wave of coronavirus in Spain.

In a 20-minute interview, the expert assures that around Easter the infections will rise again, around the end of March, and it will be a wave as strong as the third.

The expert predicts that in about six weeks we will still lower the number of infections and then they will rise again. Something that we have already seen in all the waves we have had in Spain due to Covid.

Apparently, the virologist comments that in Easter week, In the same way that happened at Christmas, people will move again and meet with other groups and this is when the infections occur. Margarita del Val states that tIt will still be a little cold on those dates and indoor activities will continue, which is when the spread of the virus is usually strongest and the chances of contagion are extended.

New stability for the summer

Although in the summer of 2020 the virus continued to spread, there was a decrease in cases, and then it rose again. For this reason, the virologist comments that this fourth wave will stagnate in this summer 2021 and there will be less possibility of being infected.

This will add to the vaccination campaign, that continues its course in Spain, and that in summer it is believed that it will be much more advanced. “The probability of getting infected is ten times less,” explains Del Val, about the advancement of vaccines.

Ventilate closed spaces well

Del Val explains that as indoors there are more chances of being infected, what you should do is establish good ventilation of closed spaces. According to the scientist, this is wrong because CO2 markers are not used and doors and windows should be opened for a long time so that the air can circulate and be renewed.

Well, from V to he has already commented previously that it is already quantified that the risk of contagion of this coronavirus is ten times higher in poorly ventilated interiors than outdoors.

Mask still for time

The expert, in this 20-minute interview, where she predicts when the fourth wave of coronavirus will come in Spain, also talks about the mask.

Although we have advanced vaccination in a few months, Del Val states that there are many months to still wear this mask that protects us from Covid-19, but “it does not mean that we have to stop using it when everything is fine.”

It has been a long time since he spoke of the fourth wave

In an information to ., the expert has long been talking about the fourth wave of coronavirus in the country, and in fact commented that in 2021 this fourth wave was already being experienced and not the third.

About vaccines

In January, Del Val commented, according to ., that at the current rate at Easter only 3 percent of the population over 65 will be vaccinated. But it is true that later progress has been made on the issue of vaccination and it is something valuable that makes it possible to say that in summer we will be more advanced in this regard.

fourth wave

Vaccine efficacy

Like other scientists, Margarita del Val defends the safety and efficacy of vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, both to combat the mildest and most serious symptoms, and advocates that the population be vaccinated.

It is also blunt when recommending the vaccine even for people who have already passed Covid-19, because even if they are somewhat more protected from being infected again there are possibilities of re-infections, and therefore if they are vaccinated they will be even more protected.

He also spoke about the Oxford vaccine a month ago, and assured that it was safe, although its effectiveness, as is known, is lower than that of Moderna and Pfizer. According to her, we are talking about a vaccine that is easy to maintain and that could reach countries with fewer resources in health personnel, technologies and infrastructure.

The CSIC, where the virologist works, is immersed in three vaccine projects against Covid-19. It is being tested in mice and now they want to experiment much more to have a clear answer shortly. If positive, it would be the first vaccine against Covid-19 that is made in Spain.

As we can see, the measures that are established in Spain have effects and when they are lowered and people get together with others, making more social life, the number of cases then seems to increase greatly, as well as the number of deaths from Covid-19 in hospitals.