COVID-19 : March 8 | Irene Montero shakes the street against the proposal of Vox: “This 8M more feminism than ever”

Irene Montero, Minister of Equality, heats the streets ahead of 8M, International Women’s Day, despite the threat of the coronavirus. He does so through social networks after Vox has proposed that on March 8 he be named the National Day of Remembrance for Coronavirus Victims, a pandemic that has left more than 95,000 deaths so far in Spain.

“VOX doesn’t like feminism. This 8M more feminism than ever“Irene Montero pointed out in a message posted on her Twitter profile. This tweet is accompanied by a photo that was taken last year on the occasion of the 8M feminist demonstrations. “The opposite of feminism is ignorance” is the slogan that appears on the poster displayed by a protester.

The 8M Commission, related to Podemos, is mobilizing its supporters through its internal channels to carry out dozens of demonstrations next Monday, March 8, in the Community of Madrid. Of course, the platform asks to follow health recommendations to avoid infections.

Montero was infected

Last year demonstrations were held in Madrid and in the rest of Spain for the 8M despite the threat of the coronavirus. Proof of this is that the state of alarm was declared on March 14, just 6 days later of feminist demonstrations in the face of the unbridled advance of Covid-19. Irene Montero herself tested positive days after attending the mobilization in Madrid.

Other ministers of the Government of Pedro Sanchez were infected after attending these demonstrations were Carmen Calvo, First Vice President, and Carolina Darias, then Minister of Territorial Policy and currently of Health. They also tested positive Begoña Gomez, Sánchez’s wife, and his mother, Magdalena Pérez-Castejón.

The 8M mobilizations were called and cheered by the Ministry of Equality and the rest of the Executive despite the fact that positive cases had been registered in the previous days. That day when other countries like Italy had already proceeded to confine their population, the Government assured that “late” in the day had detected a “change of scenery” concerning the pandemic. The following day a scenario of “reinforced containment” was decreed and only 5 days later 47 million Spaniards were confined.

That same day Irene Montero defended the call for these mobilizations. “The management is adequate and the best to protect our health,” he said at night during an interview with El Target in La Sexta. “I think that no one doubts the management that the experts are doing to make each decision, minute by minute, is being the right one and the one that can best protect the health of all citizens,” added Minister Podemita.

The Vox proposal

Now Irene Montero once again threatens to fill the streets after Vox has proposed to declare 8M as a National Day of remembrance for the victims of the coronavirus as Vox wants. This has been announced Jorge Buxadé, MEP for training, this Monday after the Vox Political Action Committee. The objective of this proposal is “Remember the dignity of those who died from the pandemic”. The leader of the Santiago Abascal formation has alleged that in those days the Government already knew what was coming and did not close borders, did not supply medical supplies and did not prevent marches marked by the “ideological agenda, putting it above health of the Spanish ».

“It is a national sentiment of all Spaniards that we echo, which is to recover that 8M for the dignity of the victims of the coronavirus,” Buxadé stressed at a press conference. “On March 8, the government allowed, encouraged, the holding of large demonstrations to allow the development of this ideological agenda, putting it above the health of the Spanish,” he stressed.

“At that time, the Government did not close borders, did not dimension the health system correctly and did not stockpile medical supplies,” he added.

Vox has announced its intention to immediately take this initiative to Congress, Senate and all those institutions in which it has representation.