COVID-19 : Manola, the 104-year-old Deportivo fan who overcame COVID-19 as if she were fifteen

When Manuela Sanjosé was born, ago 104 years, soccer was a sport for men. But she always He managed to escape to see the team of his homeland and his loves play: RC Deportivo de La Coruña, who came to pay tribute to him. Manola, that’s what her loved ones call her, was a mischievous young woman who did not think to be angry with anyone, nor did she become angry when got COVID-19 last October.

He contracted the virus in the rCambre residence where he lives since 2013, but won the game with ease: without vaccination and without stepping on the hospital. Being the oldest person in the place, everyone feared for his life when he got infected. “We prepare for everything that could happen, because having the virus the situation was quite complicated ”, they explain from there to La Voz de Galicia. But Manola, who tested positive in several PCRs, only had some low-grade fever at the beginning and fever for several days until it tested negative. After her isolation, she returned with her companions, with whom she is now vaccinated.

Tribute to Deportivo

His granddaughter Susana tells that her grandmother loved to dance and that she married Fernando when he was young, with whom He worked hard all his life on the Coruña pier. Of course, there were two moments a week that Manola could not forgive. The Friday had to do the manicure And go to the Barber Shop, while On Sundays he went without exception to cheer on his beloved Deportivo. In time, it became one of the oldest members, with what the club honored her in the year 2000. “When Depor won the league, she went crazy, my brother and I went looking for her and she came to Cuatro Caminos to celebrate,” says Susana.

In addition to her passion for soccer, this woman is also characterized by her strength. Life dealt him one of the hardest blows, the death of your child. As well later lost his husband. She had to recover and continued to live alone in her house, a third floor without elevator in the roundabout of La Paz in A Coruña, although with her grandchildren very aware of her. Until he was 97 years old, he went up and down the stairs of the three floors. Finally, in 2013 he moved to the residence where he is now and in which he has once again shown his tremendous strength and his will to live.