COVID-19 : Live in a hotel in Spain for 500 euros per month

The pandemic of COVID-19 it has changed our life in every way. It has changed our most common habits such as traveling, going out to lunch, dinner, going out for a drink or simply indulging in spending a weekend in a hotel. As a result of restrictions due to the health crisis, many rooms dedicated to accommodation of tourists and travelers they have had to reinvent themselves, to the point of rent their rooms to live in them.

This alternative has had to be taken as consequence of the great economic losses that the hotel sector is experiencing on the occasion of the COVID-19 crisis. According to Rental Negotiating Agency, this option to rent long-term rooms It is not opposed to the traditional rental of a home, nor to tourist rentals.

“The temporary leases of rooms that some hotels are making to survive the current situation are not housing leases, nor are they for different use, nor are they tourist.The legal nature of these leases could be framed in the accommodation contracts that are regulated, in part by articles 1,783 and 1,784 of the Civil Code, and in another part, by Doctrinal and Jurisprudential creation “, he explained José Ramón Zurdo, General Director of the Rental Negotiating Agency, to Idealista News.

“Accommodation is a lease that combines the lease of things (the room), the lease of services (cleaning and washing), the lease of work (food and breakfasts), and the deposit contract of all the goods that are introduced in the room”, Add.

What includes

This offer can be found in various accommodations throughout Spain. The conditions are to settle for at least one month and prices range from 400 euros, where I know includes cleaning, changing sheets and towels, using the lounges to work and in some cases also parking space. Quite a bargain if you take into account that it is much cheaper than renting a flat.

In some of these accommodations You can also hire extra services such as breakfast or half board (breakfast and lunch or dinner), although in this case the prices could rise to 1,000 euros per month.

Campanile chain in Spain

The Campanille hotel chain offers this offer in its seven hotels located in Spain: in Barberá del Vallés (Barcelona), Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona), Alicante, Elche (Alicante), Murcia, Malaga and Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

Camille Gil, responsible for communication of the group Louvre Hotels Spain (owner of Campanille): “The idea is to turn our hotels into a home for a time. In these difficult times that we are living, it can be a good solution for people who want temporary accommodation, with all the flexibility we offer such as students, health professionals, essential workers, companies that must move employees … “, points out.

“And there are also people at risk who need to be isolated with a meticulous hygiene protocol and that we offer thanks to the ‘Clean and Safe’ protocol that we have developed since the beginning of this health crisis, as well as certain groups that have been affected very negatively by the pandemic and we can support them in these times. They all need a home with maximum comfort and maximum security measures, without having to pay several months in advance and without a temporary commitment ”, he adds.

The hotel Campanile Barberá del Vallés (Barcelona), currently has 20 monthly rentals of its 212 rooms. Elisabeth Martín Bodego, director of this hotel, explained to Idealista: “It is giving very positive results, it is a ‘win-win’, since we have very positive ‘feedback’ from clients who appreciate being able to have this new accommodation option ”, He points out. In the case of Campanile Barberá del Vallés, the price is 550 euros per month and it has underground parking and weekly cleaning.