COVID-19 : Li-Meng Yan, the virologist fled from China, who told how the virus came out of China

Li-Meng Yan is a virologist who jumped into the media spotlight due to her claims about the creation of the coronavirus and her relationship with the Chinese government. Thus, had to flee from the Asian giant and took refuge in United States, where his whereabouts are unknown.

Iker Jimenez managed to interview her exclusively last October for his weekly show ‘Horizonte. Report COVID ‘. During his appearance in this special, he stated that the disease was born in a laboratory: “By analyzing the genome, I know for sure it is a bat based virus. This certainly does not come from nature. “

“When a new virus appears, there are two possibilities: Either it comes from nature, or it is man-made. In this case, it was explained that it came from a bat. But how did they manage to tell us that? Gathering a lot of evidence published in Nature or The Lancet “explained the expert.

China Military Laboratory

But for Meng Yan, “they found the virus from a bat, which is like a ‘grandfather’ of COVID-19. From there to the current coronavirus, there were some animal species in the middle. Jumped from one to the other and spawned a new variant and they rated it as a pending virus. They wanted to believe that it had been created in nature and by jumping to a human who contracted the infection. That can happen, but I tell people that from January until now, a synthetic route has been followed using a bat coronavirus as a template to manipulate it. I came to those tests by logic and analyzed the genome in my second report. Only then will we end the cover-up. The supposed natural origin does not hold. However, from a human design perspective, between 2017 and 2018, there were already publications from a military laboratory in China. “

The virologist gave more details about its creation: “There discovered and recorded a bat coronavirus called ZC45 and a similar one, ZXC-21. These two are the backbone of the new coronavirus. Based on the bat, they created a new pathogen. With the data that I handle, the closest is 90% equal. This virus is like a Frankenstein. The virus is adapted to humans and was released in Wuhan to target us. Everything is the result of a procedure. So going to the origin, the genome reveals who made it, who has the basis, etc. and all it can be done in just six months in a laboratory. “

Biological weapon

In addition, he stated where this virus was manufactured: “What I can say is that he was released on purpose. People always want me to explain that conclusion. First of all, they have well-developed skills. A part of the scientific world, got involved in the RAGT13 bogus tests working alongside people from WHO. That is not just a laboratory. At the highest level, there are very strict protocols. No living being, except human beings, can leave these enclosures. There is no human way that the virus escaped by accident. Maybe it can happen in common laboratories, but China is not such an idiot. It is a management at the weapons level “.

Thus, he insisted on the dangerousness of the coronavirus: “It is a novel and unrestricted bioweapon. It is defined by the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences. This type of weaponry has characteristics to kill on a large scale. It is spread through the air and respiratory system and human-to-human transmission is very important. Another important aspect is the resistance to the environment, since it is stable in various environments. If you analyze that, SARS-CoV-2, is a perfect combination. The situation worsens more because asymptomatic patients spread it, infecting people around them and paralyzing the world. For that reason, it’s so terrible and we call it a bioweapon with no restrictions “.

The China-WHO relationship

The researcher gave her version of how the Chinese Government communicates infections: “I can tell you that Zero cases in China of COVID-19 means that there are zero people diagnosed with COVID-19 by the Government. Do you understand the difference? “

“Now in China they have thousand ways to remove cases from the list of official diagnoses. From the beginning, they refused to give figures. They keep the patient in the hospital and isolate him from other sick people, but if the CDC does not return your tests, the hospital can’t do anything and people die after a while “added.

He also explained the relationship between the WHO and the Chinese authorities: “The leaders of the WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom and Maria Van Kerkhove, responsible for managing the pandemic, they actually have a very close connection with my lab, with Professor Malik Peiris, from Hong Kong, and of course, with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). That’s because my hometown lab is basically a bridge, very hidden, covered under a halo scientist who works with the PCC to collaborate with this type of international organizations “.

According to Meng Yang, “They didn’t send help from the beginning because They worked with the PCC for a long time and they know how they behave. In addition, everyone also knows that the Government of China warns you to say certain things, but not others. If we remember what they told the world, that there was no need to wear a mask, that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission or even that China couldn’t control the expansion because they couldn’t isolate people. They then canceled the entire hydroxychloroquine clinical trial, based only on a false data document, which was later withdrawn. Said like this, it all seems very irresponsible in the face of global health, but it actually becomes very responsible once you know they work with the PCC. “