COVID-19 : Johnson Government Embarrassed by Photos of Free School Menu

He Boris Johnson’s government is once again in the eye of the hurricane, although in this case for reasons unrelated to the coronavirus or the measures applied. Now, the center of the controversy is occupied by the a British boy’s school menu for a week. The image, shared on social networks by a mother under the name of @RoadsideMum, has gone viral and has reached the Very House of Commons. “Those images are scandalous, shameful and an insult to families they have received those packages, “said the prime minister.

In this way he responded to leader of the Labor opposition, Keir Starmer, who hours before asked Boris Johnson the following through social networks. “Would you be happy feeding your children that way? If not, why do you think others should? “

The content of the breakfast

Among the elements of this breakfast we can find a bag of sliced ​​bread, three slices of cheese, two potatoes, two bananas, three apples, two carrots, a jar of beans, a bag of macaroni, three sachets of liquid yogurt and two energy bars.

On the occasion of the health alert, the British government offered two alternatives to schools: supply directly to students less weekly food packages or redirect them to social services in order to obtain coupons redeemable in supermarket chains. Thus, each school would receive four euros per week per child, while each voucher would be € 17 per week.

The company apologizes

For its part, the company in charge of Catering, Chartwells, has already asked for forgiveness and has committed to return the money received. In a statement, they assure that the photo represents the five-day diet and that the added value of all food, packaging and distribution is about 12 euros. “We are very sorry that the quantity was so small in this particular case. We normally include a wide variety of nutritious foods for school lunches“says a company spokesperson.

The mother herself who shared the menu online, in her publication, affirms that “she could do more” with the money that the food supplies cost. “Public funds were charged £ 30. I would have bought it for 5.22”.