COVID-19 : Javier Hernanz asks to postpone the presidential elections

Javier Hernanz, candidate for the presidency of the Royal Spanish Canoeing Federation (RFEP), asks the government authorities, through a video posted on his personal Twitter account, to postpone the elections to the General Assembly, scheduled for this Saturday in Madrid. It alleges that, due to the collapse in the capital caused by the storm and the growing number of positives for COVID-19, maintaining the elections is a “totally irresponsible” decision.

“I I see the obligation to make public the situation that is being experienced in the electoral process of the Spanish Canoeing Federation“began the Asturian.”Madrid is on the verge of being declared a catastrophic zone, we are in the middle of the third wave of coronavirus and I believe that gathering more than 1500 people in the capital for the vote to take place is totally irresponsible“said the Olympic canoeist.

“The It is more sensible for the elections to be postponed until the storm allows safe displacement and remits the number of positive cases due to COVID-19, or, failing that, to allow voting in the different communities or by telematic means, something that in the XXI century, should be common, especially in situations like the one we are experiencing. “, communicated the Asturian.

The RFEP will hold elections to its presidency and Delegate Commission on February 14, according to the dates of the electoral process set by the governing body, in which the new General Assembly is scheduled to be elected this Saturday. The electoral calendar establishes that four days after that date, January 22, the term for the presentation of candidacies for president begins, which will close on February 5. The Aragonese Esteban Celorrio, the Andalusian Pedro Pablo Baños and the Asturian José Antonio Modino and Javier Hernanz announced their intentions to aspire to the presidency of the RFEP.