COVID-19 : “It is an abuse of power”

General anger at politicians and other public officials who are sneaking in to receive the coronavirus vaccine. Under the premise «We want the list», Thousands of Twitter users have demanded that the full list of people who have been vaccinated without their corresponding be made public.

«Politicians getting vaccinated before anyone else is just one more example of abuse of power. The worst thing is not that they do it, the worst thing is that the system allows them to abuse, “laments a tweeter. To which another, named Alba, replies that this situation is one of “Junkies of privilege.”

“We want the list of: the corrupt who have been vaccinated when it was not their turn, the experts and advisers who direct the decisions of this pandemic, the politicians who put votes before lives,” claimed Almudena, a cardiologist at the Hospital de La Paz. «There is no paper for so much list … or ready », Another Internet user named Macarena has answered him with irony. However, he adds: «Seeing the tweets of the hashtag #QueremosLaLista gives me the feeling that, finally, citizens are forgetting political colors and are beginning to demand responsibilities regardless of the political inclination of each one. Look, great news.

In this way, it is verified that the anger among the citizens is tremendous. Tiredness from so many months of pandemic It is noted and tweeters are not left in half measures. “#WeWantTheList and the expulsion of all unpresentable … whatever the party,” asks an Internet user with the nickname Radk. “And that they go to court ipso facto”, adds Ángel. Another Internet user named Begoña adds: «I join the petition because what is happening is indecent and the prosecution should intervene and take action.

The anger is even greater among the toilets who are in the first trench of the pandemic. «People are dying. Doctors and hospitals do not give more than if. The Spanish population lives in fear and many without work. #WeWantTheList of those vaccinated who have skipped the protocol and expert advice. We want transparency », publishes Marta, a nurse from Getxo. To this, they comment: «It seems like a joke … you are there in the front line working to save lives … and these clowns, who do not move a finger, taking advantage … what a shame of people ».

“Let them pay the dose”

«If it depended on me, the second dose to be given later and paying the dose », another user claims on the Internet. «Political corruption in Spain is endemic. #QueremosLaLista », a tweeter named Igerte thinks with regret. «We want the list, to let them be ceased and that they can never again have a position of responsibility, “exclaims another tweeter.

“We want the list of all the scoundrels who claim to take care of us and yet would push us off a cliff to save their ass,” they point out on the other hand. «There should be no colors here, ideology or parties. We want the list and shame these scoundrels, “adds another regular on the networks.

On the other hand, tweeters share maps of Spain showing the number of people who have sneaked into vaccination by province. They point out that in this we are unique in Europe. “In this matter we are the first, what a shame”, publishes Ana María. «Well yes, I join #QueremosLaLista. It is, from what has been seen in years in this very corrupt country, the scandal that has outraged me the most. For me, literally weeks have been stolen from the vaccination of my parents, uncles, etc … Nothing has ever pissed me off so much, and I mean it from my heart, sadly ».

From the very ranks of the PSOE, where there are several high public officials who have skipped the protocols, there are also complaints. «We want to know who has been vaccinated using their influences and skipping the protocol so that institutions are not discredited on the part of society and those who have used their position to benefit from paying it ”, wrote Eusebi, who recognizes himself as a socialist militant.

Of course we want the list of scoundrels and selfish who have been vaccinated above our elders and health workers. We want resignations and I want them to give them a fine that leaves them shaking, ”Elena harshly throws, another tweeter in this case from Madrid.

“When you go to vote next time, remember that during the worst pandemic in the last 100 years, political leaders put their health before that of health workers, our elders and your own,” adds another Internet user. Jesus, another regular on Twitter, follows: «We citizens want the complete list of all the scoundrels, who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 without it being their turn to vaccinate. But not only politicians, that there is also talk that there are high military commanders, union released … Of all! ».

Finally, it should be noted that the imagination of the return networks has been noticed. «A squirrel can cross the peninsula jumping from a vaccinated political office to a vaccinated political office without stepping on the ground ”, one sarcastically comments.