“COVID-19 is not transmitted between humans,” said the WHO and China a year ago

It is exactly one year after the WHO opinion in which it cites an investigation by the Chinese government: COVID-19 is not transmitted between humans. And good…

The position of the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding COVID-19 has always been in the eye of criticism. There was talk of protecting the Chinese government during the first few occasions. And there is a tweet, a post, which is a small reflection of the case.

On January 14, 2020, the WHO noted that COVID-19 is not transmitted between humans, according to the investigation by Chinese authorities.

A year later there are 1.98 million deaths, the product of 92.3 million infections.

What did the WHO say?

« Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no evidence of human transmission in the new coronavirus identified in Wuhan. »

The first to die from COVID-19, an outbreak before the Lunar New Year

In fact, the government had announced on January 11 a death that occurred on the 9th. the first lethal victim of COVID-19.

The outbreak occurred in a market in Wuhan, and the person was shopping there. He was 61 years old and, according to the authorities, he suffered from other diseases.

Of that outbreak, there were 41 people diagnosed with the virus, initially. But those patients had been in contact with 739 other people. All before the lunar New Year, in which thousands of Chinese traveled around the world to visit their relatives.

At present, according to the Chinese Government, the death toll in their country amounts to 4,634. This week the first deceased in almost eight months was known.

We insist, all in agreement with the Chinese authorities.

Those who said that COVID-19 is not transmitted between humans.