Covid-19 infections in vaccinated people were always going to occur, according to an expert

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. – Erin Bromage, a biology professor at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, told CNN’s Brianna Keilar on Wednesday on New Day that it has always been known that COVID-19 cases would occur in vaccinated people, but that they have taken people. by surprise.

“We know there are cases, and we knew they were going to happen early on when they released the Phase 3 data, which said the vaccines were about 95% effective,” Bromage said when asked about breakthrough infections in the vaccinated people. .

“Seeing them now is not really surprising in the larger scheme of the pandemic,” he said. “It’s just that it took people by surprise.”

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Phase 3 data tested the efficacy of vaccines among symptomatic COVID-19 cases (individuals who were infected and exhibiting symptoms), not infection overall.

People who are fully vaccinated and who have changed their behavior, doing things like going to restaurants, bars and clubs, have been caught off guard, Bromage said, because while their personal risk of developing symptoms has decreased, gathering activities closed, confined places. Spaces continue to be higher risk activities.

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“If you are inside a church or a restaurant and it is not a large open space, the air is shared by many people around you, then you are putting yourself at greater risk of contracting an infection,” explained Bromage.

“Now, the high risk of infection for a person vaccinated against COVID-19 probably doesn’t matter as much because we know that it does not lead to serious illness,” he added.

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