COVID-19 : Impact of Pfizer’s vaccine fuels further hope in Israel

Israel, together with the United Kingdom but without being surpassed, leads the vaccination process throughout the world. There are some that go at a higher pace and others at a slower pace, some that started earlier and others later. Many others have not even begun to inoculate doses. But in all respects Israel is first in the ‘race’.

In a way, right now it is the mirror in which the planet can be looked at, and of course the results are being excellent in the country. The Israeli Ministry of Health has reported that it has achieved a 98.9% reduction in mortality with the Pfizer vaccine in those who have received both doses.

“The vaccine significantly reduces morbidity and mortality and this effect can be seen in the information on morbidity in the country”, has explained the director general of the Ministry, Hezi Levy.

Great effects in critically ill and hospitalized patients

The Ministry of Health has not made public the number of people who have been considered to make the disseminated calculations, so that lThe only thing that is known is that the comparison has been made between those who have not received the vaccine and those who received the second dose at least two weeks ago.

In addition to the percentage mentioned on mortality, there are others that are also around that figure and that are quite encouraging. For example, severe cases of coronavirus have been reduced by 99.2% and the total number of hospitalized patients by 98.9%.

With regard to infections, the impact is also notable. Coronavirus cases have been reduced by 95.8%, and even respiratory symptoms or fever have been 98% less.

The data recorded after vaccination confirm this

Israel has a population of about nine million. From them, almost three million people have already received the two doses, while about 4.2 million have already put the first.

According to the latest recorded data, In total, the country has counted almost 750,000 cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, of which 48,000 are still active, and 5,521 have died from the virus since inception.

These figures are suffering a smaller daily increase. In fact, the last ones relating to infections place it at 6.2%, which is the lowest number that has been registered in the last two months. Two weeks ago it was about 9%.

Another piece of information that has been given is that Nine out of ten people who have been admitted to the Ichilov Hospital, one of the main medical centers in the country, were unvaccinated.

Also in this same period recorded, For just over two weeks, those Israelis over 16 years of age can already be vaccinated, after having passed through those over 60 and other population groups. In this way, in a short period of time Israel will only have to vaccinate children and adolescents, the result of a swift vaccination campaign.