COVID-19 : Ibai Llanos’ party in the middle of a pandemic: alcohol, a ‘heart attack’ and jokes with anal PCR

The famous streamer, Ibai Llanos, has been the protagonist of a party last Saturday at his home that is causing a lot of stir on social networks. With Spain recovering from a third wave of the pandemic, the strongest since the beginning of last March 2020, the streamer held a party with friends, setting up a private disco at his home in which no detail was missing.

He broadcast it through the new streaming platform, Twitch, where his millions of followers were able to follow in detail the celebration in which there was a DJ, a lot of music and, as Llano himself commented, some alcohol. An incentive for which, as you could see, it generated many dances, ‘perreo’ and, even, a ‘heart attack’. It was also shuffled the idea of ​​doing anal PCR on party guests, the new test that so many laughs have caused by social networks.

“Drink alcohol with benefit. This is serious business. We do not want these things to happen, “Ibai Llanos wrote on his Instagram account, accompanying a video of the party at the private disco, with his friends and simulating a ‘heart attack’ in the broadcast through Twitch. In fact, in the same publication, the streamer apologizes for the image given in the live, aware of the epidemiological situation in the country. “I apologize for the image given today”, Ibai indicated.

Criticism in social networks

The images of the party generated endless criticism of the streamer through social networks since Saturday. And it is that, despite the fact that Llanos himself indicated that all the security measures against the coromavirus had been met, the truth is that the image given last Saturday morning is not the most appropriate in almost a year of pandemic, with many people wanting to return to the normality that we knew in early 2020.

Thus, many Twitter users did not hesitate to post the famous streamer, with more than 3.5 million followers on the same social network, responding to the images he shared from the last party. “Man, same, Even if you have had the PCR, it is not to set the best example … Honestly.They have already said that they are not 100 reliable, Hence parties are prohibited, go to dinner with grandmother at Christmas …But hey, “wrote a user in response to a tweet from Llanos.

“I appreciate you, but this image when we are in the middle of a pandemic and we cannot make plans of this type, not only demotivates more, but encourages to bypass restrictions out of sheer exhaustion … I don’t want to sound hater but you should set an example. Greetings, “wrote another of his followers.