COVID-19 : How to obtain a safe conduct in Quito for ‘Hoy no circula’?

The scheme ‘Hoy no Circula ‘was imposed again in Quito on February 17 although with several differences with the original. The Ecuadorian Government implemented this measure during the state of emergency to control the mobility of the population and, above all, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Measure ‘Today it does not circulate’ will be valid until March 31, from that date on, the pandemic situation will be reviewed again. Vehicle mobility will be restricted according to the last license plate number from Monday to Friday between 06:00 and 20:00. The rest of the hours and during the weekends and holidays, the population will be able to move freely in the capital.

Safe passage

The document can be requested so that a vehicle can circulate on the days when its registration is not allowed. The Ministry of Mobility issued the ‘Instructions for issuance of Safe-conducts plan’ Today does not circulate ‘. There is a difference with the old one because the new one contains a calendar and the cases in which it can be requested.

The safe conduct will be issued for the following cases: medical appointment, transport to the airport, natural or legal person with RUC (economic activities), tourism and new vehicles.

How to request the pass

Those interested who need to obtain a safe conduct will have to access the Municipal Services website (PAM). The platform will require the creation of a user with his identification number and, later, he will only have to indicate one of the options enabled to obtain the paper.