COVID-19 : How to live entrenched in a 14th century castle in the midst of a pandemic

The situation generated by the irruption of SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19, is leaving not a few stories, that if they are already curious in themselves, they acquire a greater dimension if possible due to the circumstances that the pandemic has forced us to face, which does not seem to have the intention of disappearing in the short term. One of those stories is the one starring Ricardo Miravet Toutain and collects ‘El Periódico Mediterráneo’.

And it is that, This Argentinian, born 91 years ago in Córdoba, arrived in the Els Ports region in the 1960s and quickly felt a crush of such dimensions that it encouraged him to buy a medieval castle, that of Todolella, dating from the 14th century. Since then he has dedicated himself to enjoying the fortress, which he will donate to the Generalitat Valenciana upon his death, while he has been investing in adapting its centenary facilities.

Thus, Miravet has, like most, gone through home confinement with his wife, Livia. But what a house. “In 1966 no one understood that we bought it, they thought we were crazy. It was a chicken coop, the people dedicated themselves to subsist, to live, and they did not value the heritage that had”, Highlights this organist by profession, also recognized internationally for his ability to restore the instrument, which invested 450,000 pesetas of the time – about 2,700 euros – in the operation.

Obviously, Such a scenario has made it possible for this nonagenarian to face the pandemic with guarantees in a safe environment. The coronavirus has been unable to storm the fortress and by now Miravet has already received the vaccine. “I am very glad I put it on. Now let’s hope the pandemic ends soon”, He says excitedly to the Castellón newspaper.

A legacy of 2.6 million euros

Fortunately, the work in life of Ricardo Miravet Toutain, which He was also mayor of the town between 2015 and 2019, will continue after his death, since the Generalitat will take over the management of the building, which still needs some touches.

We have renovated it without touching the structure, it is as it was. We have preserved all its essence. I am concerned about some parts of the roof, I hope that the Consell will invest soon because it must be fixed, ”says Miravet, whose donation has been valued at 2.6 million euros for a purely altruistic purpose.

The only condition is that no private person uses it and it remains for cultural use.”Concludes the guardian of the fortress, who urges the authorities to invest as soon as possible in the restoration project. Its medieval castle, its conditions.