COVID-19 hinders the fight against doping in cycling

The pandemic that plagues the world in 2020 has also had a strong impact on cycling. Canceled races, grand laps in November, runners scrambling to find a team … and there’s more. According to a study by the Movement for Credible Cycling, COVID-19 hinders the fight against doping in the discipline.

The MPCC explains this decrease in the number of positive cases by a lower performance of anti-doping controls throughout the year. The World Anti-Doping Agency, through its director general Olivier Niggli, admitted a few days ago that the pandemic has been able to create “holes” in the anti-doping programs of several countries.

In the statement issued by the organization, it is also stated that the Anti-Doping Foundation of Ciclsmo admitted a 90% drop in tests conducted out of competition during the two months following the onset of the pandemic compared to the same period last year.

The exception in this reduction of cases, according to the MPCC, is given in the athletics, in which 99 positives have been recorded in the first three quarters of 2020, a figure higher than the 81 cases last year. For its part, cycling has registered 12 positive tests (two from World Teams), a figure lower than last year but close to what has been handled in the last five years. This observation, according to the statement, It is a great concern for the Movement for Credible Cycling, given the decrease in tests carried out.

Movement for Credible Cycling