COVID-19 : Health reports 535 deaths from COVID-19 since Friday

Health has released the balance of affected by coronavirus of this Monday, which reports 535 deaths reported since Friday, the last official report. Regarding infections, the number of cases in 24 hours is 1,614. The global increases by 20,849 for a total of 3,153,971 infections since the start of the pandemic.

Regarding vaccines, Health has reported that, to date, 1,197,061 people have already received the complete vaccination schedule. In addition, they have been administered 3,090,351 doses between Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines. The total of distributed doses is 3,622,165. Of these, 85.3% have been administered. Aragon is the CCAA that has administered the most doses, in percentage terms, with 95.7%. The Basque Country, with 72.8% of the doses administered, is at the bottom of the percentage ranking.

Deaths and admissions to ICU

In the last 7 days, according to the report, there have been 814 deceased by COVID-19. Most of the deaths in this period (150) correspond to Andalusia. Regarding admissions to the ICU with a date of admission in the last 7 days, 274 patients are in the Intensive Care Unit, which is 16 more than on Friday (258).

The cumulative incidence at 14 days, about 250 cases

Regarding the cumulative incidence at 14 days, the whole of Spain presents an average of 252.19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, 42.53 cases less than on Friday (294.72). The regions with the highest cumulative incidence are Melilla (435.90), Madrid (383.41) and Ceuta (349.15). The overall positivity rate is 7.69%.

Basque Country and Madrid, the one with the most casesn

In the contagion data of the last day, Basque Country is the CCAA that reports the most confirmed cases (281), followed by Madrid (268) and Valencian Community (171). In the global calculation, in the Community of Madrid 576,700 positives have already been registered. Melilla and Ceuta are the areas in which there are fewer registered cases, 6,812 and 4,505, respectively.

Madrid and Catalonia, the Autonomous Communities with the most occupation in UCI

The global occupancy of the ICUs accounted for by Health by COVID-19 patients is 33.02%. Regarding the situation of assistance capacity and COVID-19 activity in each autonomous community, the Community of Madrid, which is the one with the most patients in the ICU, counts 3,226 COVID-19 patients admitted in total on Monday, occupying 18.58% of the beds. Of these, 645 are in intensive care (46.88% of occupied beds).

Catalonia It has 2,904 patients admitted in total, which represents an occupation of 11.44%. In this region, there are 609 people in intensive care, which represents 41.01% of the places. As a percentage, there are four regions that exceed 40% occupancy in ICUs.