COVID-19 : Harvard Expert: “We are headed for the same mistake as in the spring”

Last weekend Images of crowds in many cities went viral Spanish. Also, Christmas is just around the corner, causing many experts to start express concern about a new massive spread of the disease leading to a third wave.

It is the case of Elvis garcia, Ph.D. in Public Health from Harvard University, who gave an interview to the program Hour 25 of the Ser Chain. Asked about the crowded streets, he was blunt: “Masks are not a substitute for social distance.”

“It is true that aerosol particles, of which there is much talk, dissipate quickly even when sneezing outdoors, I would not be alarmed by this. As long as we wear a mask, of course “he explained.

Better on the outside

Although he pointed out in the aforementioned medium that “It is better to be outdoors than at home, after such a long time the cost of the disease is being measured by deaths, but in the long term it will also be done by the mental consequences you have. It is very difficult to catch it being around someone on the street. “

The expert did show himself especially concerned about indoor shopping: “It is in closed spaces where yes there is evidence of contagion and there we have a problem, there will be a lot people coming and going, I don’t go into closed places. “

The Christmas gatherings

Garcia too he lamented the possible consequences after family reunions: “Let’s go headlong to make the same mistake as in spring, I do not understand the issue of numbers, about six people, ten people, social education is being neglected that tries to convince people not to do it. If that doesn’t work, what you have to do is ban people from having parties. They are half measures, we are taking contradictory measures “.

In his opinion, in the face of upcoming Christmas parties “only cohabitants should meet”he points out. Likewise, he pointed out in Hora 25 that not all territories have the same measures to work: “To me really the only thing that interests me is the number of tests that are done for deceased, I think we all think that we should have common rules, but we have a fragmented health system, or a state of alarm is launched before Christmas or everyone is going to do what they want. “