COVID-19 : Hakuho, the great sumo champion, discharged after the coronavirus

Sumo wrestler Hakuho, the most awarded in the history of this sport in Japan, has received a medical discharge after being hospitalized with mild symptoms of covid-19, as published by local media on Thursday.

Hakuho, 35, born in Mongolia, has been discharged after testing negative, and after being treated in a medical center since last day 5, reported the Japanese newspaper Sports Hochi.

His hospitalization occurred while the fighter was preparing for the Great New Year’s Tournament which started on the 10th in Tokyo, in which Hakuho has not been able to participate.

The news caused some alarm in Japan, as it is the biggest active sumo star and after a 28-year-old wrestler died last May due to the coronavirus of the fourth division of the national competition.

Hakuho was also the first sumo top-flight wrestler to test positive for the virus, joined by infections from five other contenders., which did not prevent the celebration of the inaugural competition of the year in Tokyo.

Before the start of this tournament, another 22-year-old junior fighter known as Kotokantetsu, announced through social networks that he was forced to withdraw from this sport due to his fear of contracting the virus, as it is a risk case due to a heart condition.

“I have no choice but to compete or retire,” Kotokantetsu said on his Twitter profile, where he explained that the Japan Sumo Association had rejected his request. of not participating in the Tokyo tournament due to the danger of contracting the disease, so abandoning the competition completely was his only alternative.