COVID-19 : Government of Panama decrees more sanctions for failing to comply with measures against coronavirus

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(CNN Spanish) – The Minister of Health of Panama, Luis Francisco Sucre, announced this Thursday the promulgation of a decree that establishes additional sanctions for those who violate the biosecurity measures to fight the coronavirus and put people’s lives and health at risk.

On the national chain, the Health Minister explained that a database is created with offenders and those who are caught will not only receive fines and sanctions, but also the economic benefits provided by the State will be suspended.

The measure was announced along with the report of 27 new deaths from coronavirus in one day and 1,880 new cases. There are 171,219 total cases, of which 1,208 are hospitalized, 1,047 in ward and 161 in intensive care. The total of deaths amounts to 3,141.

This same Thursday, the Ministry of Health announced the decision to suspend compliance with a decree that authorized people over 60 years of age and other groups considered at risk or vulnerable due to their health conditions to return to their jobs.