COVID-19 : Gloria Estefan confirms that she had covid-19 in November

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(CNN Spanish) – The Cuban-American singer-songwriter and businesswoman Gloria Estefan, winner of seven Grammy awards, reported this Tuesday through her verified Instagram account that she tested positive for COVID-19 in early November.

Estefan said she wanted to share her experience and remind her followers to wear a mask.

She explained that she has stayed at home during the pandemic, but at the end of October she went to a restaurant for dinner, outdoors and with a mask, and it was there that one of her fans approached her to greet her.

However, she said she is not sure how she got it. “They were very close. They didn’t have a mask and they said beautiful things to me. But that’s the only thing I’ve done outside my compound here, in my quarantine, “he said in a video via Instagram.

“Something must have happened, but I really haven’t been anywhere else,” he added.

A few days later, on November 5, Estefan said that she realized that the food had no taste and the next day, she couldn’t smell either. The singer-songwriter explained that she was tested for covid-19 and that on November 8 it tested positive, so she proceeded to isolate herself at home.

He clarified that he had no significant symptoms other than lack of taste and smell and cough, and that he has already had two more tests that were negative.

“Fear was my biggest problem, since we don’t know what will happen. Sometimes you are very scared to be one of those cases. But you have to take the fear and shake it off and do everything you can to keep your immune system as healthy as possible, “he said and took the opportunity to give his followers some advice:” Please, everyone, use your masks. “