COVID-19 : Futsal | ElPozo travels 2,000 km to avoid playing against O Parrulo for a positive in COVID

COVID-19 continues to hit sports and, in recent days, with special incidence in futsal. He has suffered it in the first person ElPozo, which will travel a total of 2,000 kilometers by bus from Murcia to Ferrol (round trip) in vain after postponing his duel against O Parrulo. It should be noted that the meeting was postponed for the first time on the date corresponding to day 6 of the First Futsal RFEF.

The reason for this second postponement is none other than that of a new positive case in COVID-19 by a member of the O Parrulo staff, after knowing the results of the PCR tests carried out on the morning of this Wednesday. Those of Diego Giustozzi will take the opportunity to train at the facilities of the Ferrol team this afternoon while the RFEF looks for a new date to celebrate the next meeting, which would already be the third attempt.

Discontent has not been long in coming among those affected and Iago Rodríguez, O Parrulo player, demanded responses via Twitter: “Now what? Responsibilities to whom?” The footballer already showed his anger last weekend after the Jaén FS will announce six positives in his squad after having previously played against O Parrulo.